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Dictation and Transcription Catalog
FTR Reporter v5.6 - Audio only
FTR Touch™
FTR Log Notes (v5.6)
FTR Hearings - 2-Channel Recorder 5.4 - **Windows 7 Compat
FTR Reporter A/V (v5.6) - Audio/Video
FTR Minutes™ 3.3
DMX‐4 USB Audio Mixer
DMX‐8 USB Audio Mixer
FTR TheRecord Player 5.4 Free Download **Windows 7 Compatible**
FTR TheRecord Player® 5.4

The Record Player is a FREE program available for download from the FTR web site that court administrators, judges, court monitors and clerks, and transcribers can use to review, play back, share and copy audio/video proceedings captured by an FTR recording system—all without fast forwarding or rewinding a single cassette.
Although its audio/video play back features are the most advanced available, TheRecord Player’s "tape recorder-style" features are easy to understand and learn. Users have complete control over the audio/video play back process. They can choose to review an entire audio/video proceeding, or select specific, relevant segments. They can also increase or decrease the master volume, or the volume of individual channels, as well as turn individual channels on or off as required.
TheRecord Player eliminates the need to rewind and fast-forward cassettes, and does away with tape recorder maintenance problems forever. Download it FREE from the FTR web site at

TheRecord Player®

Versatile Features That Help You Improve Productivity Convenience

  • FREE download from FTR web site –
  • Copy audio/video records onto any high-capacity digital media.
  • Excellent play back sound quality.
  • Electronic delivery and play back from anywhere within the court network.
  • Time-referencing feature eliminates inaccurate index numbers.
  • Define and save a specific range of audio/video.
  • Compliant with accessibility requirements for disabled users (Section 508 in USA).
  • Compatible with Crestron and AMX control and automation systems.

Ease of Use
  • Easy-to-use "tape recorder-like" interface.
  • Direct access to audio/video without rewinding or fast forwarding cassettes.
  • 4-channel isolation and complete audio/video play back volume and speed control.
  • No more tape recorder maintenance problems.
  • Complete foot pedal control for hands- free navigation.

FREE to Download

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FTR Log Notes (v5.6) Price: $395.00

FTR Log Notes®, an electronic note taking program court employees can use to create annotations during live proceedings or while listening to previously-recorded audio, FTR Player Plus™. The WordLink™ application, a Microsoft add-in that gives you the option of creating notes in Microsoft® Word.

FTR Minutes™ 3.3 Price: $995.00

FTR Minutes offers city and county clerks an easy and efficient way to create and distribute meeting minutes, within previously established procedures and existing audio or network infrastructures. Instead of using a tape recorder and taking hand-written notes to create minutes, you now have the ability to do everything within one easy solution.

DMX‐8 USB Audio Mixer Price: $2,295.00

FTR has long been the standard for digital court recording and our FTR Gold product suite is an all-encompassing end-to-end solution for facilitating the capture and management of courtroom proceedings. It is widely recognized for its quality, stability and robustness. Our FTR Gold offerings have now been enhanced. Apart from the basic functions of digital audio and video recording, remote monitoring and playback, FTR Gold can be used for annotation, search, navigation, archival, content management and transcript order and fulfillment.


LFH3215 SpeechMike III (Slide Switch) with SpeechExecSR Pro Dictate - Price: $399.00
    Package Contains
  • SpeechMike dictation microphone LFH-3200
  • USB cable
  • CD-ROM containing software and user manual
  • Quick start guide

The professional SpeechMike LFH-3205 USB microphone takes stationary dictation to a new level. It delivers excellent speech recognition capabilities, an antimicrobial surface for improved hygiene and refined ergonomics for convenient operation.


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