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Dymo, CoStar, Seiko : Labels, Label Makers Printers

Labelcity is a trusted supplier to 80,000+ customers of Dymo, CoStar and Seiko labelling products. Servicing the market of over 1,000,000 printers for more than 19 years, we stock millions of labels, literally 100's of label printers and label makers, and over 90% of orders placed by 4pm are shipped out that same day. With warehouses on the East Coast and West Coast, most customers receive their orders in 1-2 days, even by Ground shipping.

LabelWriter : Desktop Label Printers

Our #1 product is the Dymo LabelWriter. Compact, lightning-quick, easy to use – Dymo LabelWriter Printers are the fastest PC-and-Mac compatible label printers on the market. A customer favorite, they print high-resolution labels for envelopes, packages, files, folders, media, name badges and more – directly from Microsoft® Word, WordPerfect®, Outlook®, QuickBooks®, ACT!® and other popular software. To save you money, the Label Writer uses no ink or toner. To build your reputation, the Label Writer prints professional-looking labels every time, with your favorite fonts and graphics. And there's over 40 different sizes of labels for Dymo LabelWriters. They have a 2 Year Warranty, vast Support Resources and speedy output - How about less than one second per label? (up to 71 lables per minute).

Rhino : Industrial Label Printers

When Dymo set out to revolutionize industrial labeling, they teamed with installers who insisted on two things: an affordable, tough, portable labeling tool with one-touch "hot keys" to save time and money. Plus the highest quality lables, so they stick and stay stuck. The result is the Dymo Rhino range of label machines. RhinoPro label printers enable users to quickly create “professional” industrial-strength labels for application to: cables, wires, patch panels, circuit boards, infrastructure equipment, name plates, security panels, shelving.... and virtually any instance where a long-lasting durable label is required.


Dymo's LetraTag personal label printers makes labeling a breeze. Prints text and numbers in a wide variety of fonts as well as symbols. The new Personal LetraTag Labelmaker features a two times larger LCD display than its predecessor and offers an easy graphical WYSIWYG on screen editor for fonts and style effects. And they come with a Grab and Go mountable holder. Perfect for all those little jobs around the home and office, LetraTag Label options include: iron-on, plastic, metallic and paper.

Seiko SLP Labels

Labelcity has been supplying customers with labels for Seiko Smart Label Printers (SLP) for more than a decade. Recently we added the all new 1000-count labels which save you in terms of price per label, as well as saving you time because you don't need to changes rolls as often. Learn more about our Seiko SLP Labels and Seiko SLP Accessories.

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Labeling Tips


Dymo XTL Quick Start Guide, User Guide and Data Sheet

Want to learn a little bit more about the Dymo XTL Industrial Label Printer range ? We've got you covered.

How to : Dymo 30911 12hr Expiring Name Badges

A name badge that 'expires' after 12hrs is a great way to improve security. 

Large Folder Spine Label on a Dymo MobileLabeler

Create labels for large document folders - Dymo MobileLabeler

Rhino 18443 and Rhino 18444 Cable Flag Labels

Using Rhino 18443 and 18444 labels for identifying cables is neat, simple and professional

Dymo XTL Vinyl Caution Label

Making a large caution label is as easy as 1-2-3 on the Dymo XTL

Dymo Blood Sample Vial Labels

printing labels for blood sample vials is simple with a Dymo LabelWriter

Dymo Stamps Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions on Dymo Stamps

How to connect multiple Dymo LabelWriters to one computer

You can easily attach multiple Dymo LabelWriters to one computer. The question is, why would you do that?

I get a number instead of a letter on my Dymo LetraTag

If numbers are appearing on your LetraTag label make instead of letters, there is a simple fix.

How does a DJ from NY benefit from using a Dymo label printer?

I use the generic Dymo software that was included with my labeler and it works well for what I need.......

Aircraft Parts Labels printed on a Dymo LabelWriter

The Dymo LabelWriter can be used to print labels for so many different purposes..... even for Aircraft Parts Labels

Dymo LabelWriter DUO - the best of both worlds

The range of Dymo label machines encapsulates such a wide variety of label usages, that many people have opted for more than one machine. Until now.....

Ophthalmologist prints Labels for Glasses from a Dymo LabelWriter

We use the Dymo Labelwriter to print barcode labels for all our products (reading glasses, sunglasses and contact lens supplies)

Sharing a Dymo LabelWriter on a Windows Network

It is very easy to share a Dymo LabelWriter on a Windows Network so multiple users can share the same printer.

RhinoPro Labels for all kinds of applications

The real difference between ordinary label printers and the Rhino range is the types of labels (materials) on offer.

Checkout Cashier Reminder Notes printed from a Dymo LabelWriter

I use the LabelCity 121260 Large Address Labels primarily to make notes for my checkout cashiers to read.

Keeping your Dymo Label Printer "healthy" is simple

If you ever notice faded print from your Dymo Label Printer, there's bound to be a simple explanation. Depending on which model you have, here's a few tips on keeping your labeler in good shape:
3/8" Dymo D1 Label

Did you know that Dymo D1 Tapes offer over 40 different color / size options?

Dymo's D1 range of label cartridges are used in a wide variety of handheld, desktop and computer attached label printers.

Ever used Dymo's free Address Fixer tool to ensure your addresses are correct?

Address Fixer is a utility within the free DYMO Label Software that fixes addresses

End of an era for LetraTag models.....

The Dymo LetraTag, in terms of units sold, is the most popular Dymo label machine ever made. Targeted at the home user, the LetraTag found its way in many businesses too, because it is such a simple and cost-effective way to print small labels on-the-fly.