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Field results, real applications
RSIC installation questions
RSIC clip calculators
Fire Rated Shaft Wall STC 60
Has the RSIC clip been tested in a shaft wall design?

Lt Wt Toppings
Can I get a fire rating without Lt Wt Concrete or Gypsum Concrete?
RSIC fire rated roof systems

Are you aware of any UL listings for a 1-hour fire rating for a wood
roof/ceiling assembly using open web trusses with the gypsum board
resiliently attached to the bottom of the trusses?
RSIC in Fire Resistive Designs
What assemblies are the RSIC clips approved for?
U356 RESIC-1 vs Isomax STC and OITC
Exterior wood framed wall STC and OITC
Is the RSIC-1 clip fire rated?
 The RSIC-1 clips are "Classified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL)" for use in over 160 UL Fire Resistive Design Assemblies. Here is a link to all of the Underwriters Laboratory UL fire rated systems approved with our clip:
RSIC fire rating list
You can view all of the RSIC UL fire rating information online.
RSIC-1 attached to an I joist
RSIC-1 clips used with an I joist floor cieling assembly.
Steel Stud Fire Rating
1 hour or 2 hour UL Fire Rating for steel studs.
Fire Rated 2 hour wall system
Could the UL Design No. U453 be used as an alternate if there were two layers of 5/8" on the restaurant side and one layer of 5/8" on the retail side as an alternate to the 1/2" GWB FR panels. It appears that your assembly calls for vertical resilient channels, which I guess would be used for sound control which can not be resolved with the existing tenant seperation wall.
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